What is VIBRANT?

It is the best way to get the positive effects of CBD. We discovered the best method to provide you with the most active ingredients of CBD for the longest duration of time is with a patch. However, not all patches are created equal.

Why CBD?

VIBRANT helps you feel your best with the powerful components of CBD. CBD has been extensively studied for its many valuable properties.

What’s in It?

You’ll find other natural ingredients in the patch that promote well being including Ashwagandha, Gaba, Black Peppercorn Extract, and CoQ10.

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  • Mental Clarity
  • Easy to Use
  • Highly Bioavailable CBD

What is HARMONY?

Ladies, let us introduce you to the HARMONY patch. Our wild yam extract patches are designed with proprietary patch technology for optimal female balance.

Why Do We Need it?

Due to the stresses of the modern world, our diet, the increased use of chemicals and the widespread use of estrogen in contraceptives, more and more women experience an imbalance. Some of these imbalances can include weight gain, low energy levels, mental fog, not feeling like yourself and more.

Why Wild Yam?

Wild Yam can be used for optimal female balance and help you feel your best. Wild Yam can also support energy levels and promotes a calm mind.

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HARMONY progesterone patch


  • Natural Plant Ingredients
  • Optimal Female Balance
  • Easy to Use

“LOVE the VIBRANT patch! It really helps me feel calm and grounded. So easy to use!”


– Rolland Nerva

“This CBD patch is seriously so awesome. I just stick it on my arm and I can really feel the effects.”


– Diana Roman

“Wow. This patch is amazing! I really notice a difference when I use it. I feel like I can think better and feel like myself again!”


– Renata H.

“The HARMONY patch has been so helpful for me! I feel so much better when I use it. Love how simple it is to use.”


– Miles B.